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Comitti of London


Makers and Distributors of Fine Quality Clocks and Barometers since 1850


Comitti of London has been makers of the finest quality clocks and barometers for over 150 years. The founder, Onorato Comitti, was a skilled Italian instrument maker who came to England in 1845. He sought a new future in the land that was enjoying the unprecedented prosperity generated by the Industrial Revolution.

Mr Comitti established the company in London in 1850 as makers of barometers and related instruments and in a very short time his beautiful products were gracing the homes of discerning customers. It was during the late Victorian period that the company diversified into clock making!


Many of the styles made in these early days continue•to be available today. They are recognised as English classics and sought after as valuable antiques. The company continues to this day to offer a be-spoke maintenance and restoration service for all antique clocks and barometers.


Comitti remains a family business run by the grandsons of George Barker who , married Louisa Comitti and took over the company in the 1890s. Today Comitti enjoys an international reputation for outstanding workmanship and service.



A Timepiece for your Home by Comitti


Time is probably the most important abstract element in our lives and the measurement of time as an art and a science is deeply rooted in our culture.


Perhaps this is the reason that a timepiece by Comitti remains a popular gift to mark a special moment in time such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a milestone of achievement.


The aspiration of early clockmakers was to create beautiful timepieces that made it possible to better order and manage our lives. Today our way of life seems to be increasingly dictated by such measurement, creating pressures that show no sign of abating.


In contrast, the home is seen as a haven, a place for relaxation. Traditional timepieces with their therapeutic "tick-tock- as the pendulum swings and periodic chimes, add to this  ambience. They make a perfect backdrop for those occasions when we wish to relax with family and friends. It is here that time is a luxury in which we can all afford to indulge.



Warranty and After Sales Service


Every timepiece made by Comitti is subject to an individual inspection before leaving our factory and is protected against mechanical failure by a year's warranty. The warranty can be extended a further year by returning the registration card after a purchase.


Registration allows us to offer a lifetime product support service. This includes maintaining a service history and automatic notification to customers every 5 years to prompt movement cleaning and maintenance if required.


For customers outside the UK the lifetime support service is subject to the availability of local service representatives.


Comitti also offers customers who live within the UK mainland, a home delivery and set up service for longcase clocks. As part of this service guidance in using and looking after a purchased clock is provided.


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